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A Deadly Wandering: A Tale of Tragedy and Redemption in the by Matt Richtel

By Matt Richtel

From Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Matt Richtel, an excellent, narrative-driven exploration of technology’s massive effect at the human brain and society, dramatically-told throughout the lens of a sad “texting-while-driving” vehicle crash that claimed the lives of 2 rocket scientists in 2006.

In this formidable, compelling, and wonderfully written publication, Matt Richtel, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the hot York instances, examines the influence of know-how on our lives in the course of the tale of Utah university pupil Reggie Shaw, who killed scientists whereas texting and using. Richtel follows Reggie in the course of the tragedy, the police research, his prosecution, and eventually, his redemption.

In the wake of his event, Reggie has develop into a number one recommend opposed to “distracted driving.” Richtel interweaves Reggie’s tale with state of the art medical findings relating to human consciousness and the effect of know-how on our brains, offering reliable, functional, and actionable suggestions to aid deal with this challenge separately and as a society.

A propulsive learn packed with attention-grabbing, available aspect, riveting narrative stress, and emotional intensity, a dangerous Wandering explores one of many greatest questions of our time—what is all of our know-how doing to us?—and presents unsettling and critical solutions and data all of us want.

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This online self-correction system is apparently lost in Irène Guitton. Optic ataxia is a visuomotor deficit—in a more comprehensive sense than he ever envisaged—and not, as Gordon Holmes maintained, part of a larger overarching deficit in spatial perception. 3). The same patients, however, often have no problem describing the orientation of the slot in words. In other words, Dee’s pattern of performance on the slot task nicely complements the earlier work with optic ataxia patients. The next question is, does this neat contrast between the two kinds of patients also extend to the other tests we found Dee to be good at, such as grasping objects of different sizes?

9. 6). These techniques were already in use in the visuomotor laboratory at the University of Western Ontario where one of us (Mel Goodale) was working. It was clear that like anyone else, she was unconsciously using visual information to program her grasp, and doing so with considerable precision. 6 This picture shows the small infrared-emitting markers that can be attached to the ends of the finger and thumb. These markers are tracked with infrared-sensitive cameras (shown in the background).

Perception also allows us to plan our future actions, and to communicate with others about what we see around us. Rather than evolving some kind of general-purpose visual system that does everything, the brain has opted for two quite separate visual systems: one that guides our actions and another, quite separate, system that handles our perception. Her tragic accident has allowed us to bring this visuomotor system out of the shadows, and to explore its operating characteristics and scope. Nature, 349, 154–156.

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