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A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Mass

By Wendy Mass

Thirteen-year-old Mia Winchell has a mystery: sounds, numbers, and phrases seem to her in colour. Mia has synesthesia, the mingling of perceptions wherein anyone sees sounds or tastes shapes. This coming-of-age novel chronicles Mia's constructing appreciation for her present.

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________ *calcetín está roto. _______ *jugo está frío. * Masculine word. **Feminine word. 44 Bilingual Kids: English-Spanish, vol. 3 © 2005 Sara Jordan Publishing 10. SINGULAR DEMONSTRATIVE ADJECTIVES ADJETIVOS DEMOSTRATIVOS DEL SINGULAR Name / Nombre Activity 2 / Actividad 2 Write the proper demonstrative adjective beside each word according to its distance from you. Escribe junto a cada palabra el adjetivo demostrativo más adecuado de acuerdo a que distancia se encuentran de ti. You are here!

_________ quieren _________bolígrafos. They / Ellas pens / bolígrafos ______ have __________ tickets. _________ tenemos __________ boletas. We / Nosotras 40 tickets / boletas Bilingual Kids: English-Spanish, vol. 3 © 2005 Sara Jordan Publishing 9. POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES ADJETIVOS POSESIVOS Name / Nombre Activity 2 / Actividad 2 Choose the correct possessive adjective in each situation. Pay attention to the underlined pronouns. Escoje el adjetivo posesivo más apropiado en cada situación. Pon atención al pronombre subrayado.

16. 17. 18. 56 date balloon our purple my that over there (feminin) short form of Miss hammer there is, there are DOWN 2. 4. 5. 6. 7. 10. 11. 13. 14. 15. those (masculine) book bin nut Argentinian thank you teacher these (feminine) chair this (masculine) Bilingual Kids: English-Spanish, vol. 3 © 2005 Sara Jordan Publishing ANSWER KEYS RESPUESTAS Page 12 / Activity 1 Page 16 / Activity 1 1. a. b. a. b. Mr. Thompson thank you Sr. Thompson gracias 1. La oruga 3. La pluma 5. La lluvia 2. a. b. a. b.

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