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A Sourcebook of Titanium Alloy Superconductivity by E.W. Collings

By E.W. Collings

In under 20 years the concept that of supercon­ In each box of technology there are one or ductivity has been reworked from a laboratory participants whose commitment, mixed with an innate interest to usable large-scale purposes. within the knowing, allows them to be capable of snatch, past due 1960's the concept that of filamentary stabilization condense, and clarify to the remainder of us what that published the usefulness of 0 resistance into the sphere is all approximately. For the sphere of titanium alloy market, and the industrial forces that force tech­ superconductivity, such a person is Ted Collings. nology quickly concerned with niobium-titanium alloys. They His history as a metallurgist has possibly given him are ductile and therefore fabricable into sensible great­ a special virtue in realizing superconduc­ undertaking wires that experience the serious currents and tivity in titanium alloys as the optimization of fields important for large-scale units. greater than superconducting parameters in those alloys has been ninety% of all present-day functions of superconductors nearly solely metallurgical. merits in use titanium alloys. The force to optimize those education and innate skills though, it truly is alloys ended in a flood of analysis that has been the author's commitment that's the crucial com­ accumulated, condensed, and analyzed during this volume.

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F. Degtyareva et al. 9, Review including Ti-V 20, 30, 50, 75, 85 at. X 69, 79, 90 at. ). ). From pub 1i shed curve: 10, 14, 29, 39, 49, 59, V; argon-arc Annealed 3 days/ Revi ew of the superconducti ve 1 i terature and discussion with reference to metallurgical microstructure. Homogenized by careful vacuum ei ther furnace coo 1ed or quenched depending on composition range. pronounced dip) is indicated. 002 eV-atom. 855 exp[-l/n(E F )VJ BCS expression for \ ' viz. ;G). ~; V) Metallographically single phase.

All other properties, such as stress effects and so on, are considered in a companion volume to which some 250 references are made by calling on appropriate variants of the general citation [MonDO. 00] (see REFERENCES). This chapter and the text to follow are systematically laid out on an e/a-ratio basis and according to the logic of the periodic table. Thus the first alloys to be considered are those of Ti with each of the 3d-TM elements in succession, viz: V, Cr, Mn, etc. The next binary solutes are taken in pairs from the second (4d) and third (5d) long periods.

T The "*" anticipates the real ization that the GLAG-calculated upper critical field 'GL with KGL given by the Gar' kov-Goodman relationship Hel Abri kosov [Che62]. ~ V. 2 K were 1 made in fields of up to 11 kOe by moving H: annealing. The measured Strongly irreversible magnetization was noted. H~2/Hpo In a study of the temperature dependence of /2 the lower critical field, magnetization method. : 0 , obtained by smooth extrapolation of H 0 p HpD ' calculated from the Clogston formula, dirty 1 imit.

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