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à ОСТ Кà ИСТАЛЛОВ/Rost Kristallov/Growth of Crystals: Volume by N. N. Sheftal’ (auth.), N. N. Sheftal’, E. I. Givargizov

By N. N. Sheftal’ (auth.), N. N. Sheftal’, E. I. Givargizov (eds.)

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4H20 in projection on (001) showing groups of four Ge octahedra and empty channels. *At T > 185°C one gets only GeOz(t) with Ge in sixfold coordination, which indicates that the solution under hydrothermal conditions contains not Ge(OH)4tetr but Ge(OH)6oct' or even complexes consisting of 2, 3, 4, or more octahedra. L. N. DEM'YANETS ET AL. 1: Fig. 6. Structure of A4Ge9~O' Na enagermanate. a) Groups of four octahedra (Fig. 5) and linking of Ge tetrahedra; b) screw chain of Ge tetrahedra; c) column of four octahedra plus Ge linking tetrahedra.

I. Tsinober, Trudy VNll Sint. Min. Syr'ya, 6:13 (1962). V. S. Balitskii, in: Problems of Metamorphogenic Ore Formation [in Russian], Naukova Dumka, Kiev (1969). R. K. Ailer, Colloid Chemistry of Silica and Silicates [in Russian], Stroiizdat, Moscow (1959) . I. G. Ryss, Chemistry of Inorganic Fluorine Compounds [in Russian], Goskhimizdat, Moscow (1956)~ CRYSTALLIZATION KINETICS OF ZINCITE UNDER HYDROTHERMAL CONDITIONS M. M. Lukina and V. E. Khadzhi The literature carries only restricted information on the crystallization kinetics of zincite under hydrothermal conditions; we find [1,2] only the face growth rates for monohedra as functions of temperature difference D..

48:342 (1965). V. A. Kuznetsov, Kristallografiya, 10:663 (1965). R. A. Laudise and E. D. Kold, Amer. Mineralogist, Vol. 48, No. 5/6 (1963). ROLE OF THE STABILITY OF ALUMINATE SOLUTIONS IN HYDROTHERMAL PRODUCTION OF CORUNDUM V. N. Rumyantsev, I. G. Ganeev, and I. S. Rez Acid-alkali differentiation between the growth and solution zone is [1,2] an important factor affecting the stability of aluminate solutions and producing the scope for hydrothermal crystallization of corundum. Detailed descriptions have been given [3] of the crystallization of corundum, while the acid -alkali differentiation was examined with an apparatus modified from one previously described [1], with the tube trap replaced by a high-pressure valve allowing one to shut down at the end of the experiment the communication between the lower and upper autoclaves.

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