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Advances in Proof-Theoretic Semantics by Thomas Piecha, Peter Schroeder-Heister

By Thomas Piecha, Peter Schroeder-Heister

This quantity is the 1st ever assortment dedicated to the sector of proof-theoretic semantics. Contributions handle subject matters together with the systematics of creation and removal ideas and proofs of normalization, the categorial characterization of deductions, the relation among Heyting's and Gentzen's methods to that means, knowability paradoxes, proof-theoretic foundations of set concept, Dummett's justification of logical legislation, Kreisel's thought of buildings, paradoxical reasoning, and the defence of version theory.

The box of proof-theoretic semantics has existed for nearly 50 years, however the time period itself used to be proposed by means of Schroeder-Heister within the Eighties. Proof-theoretic semantics explains the which means of linguistic expressions more often than not and of logical constants specifically by way of the suggestion of evidence. This quantity emerges from displays on the moment overseas convention on Proof-Theoretic Semantics in Tübingen in 2013, the place contributing authors have been requested to supply a self-contained description and research of an important examine query during this zone. The contributions are consultant of the sphere and will be of curiosity to logicians, philosophers, and mathematicians alike.

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108 of [17]. At this point he simply writes that the relevant internalizing term “must exist” without providing any further explanation. Note also that his system includes a substitution rule of the form Δ u ≡ v ∴ s ≡ s, Δ[s/x] u[s/x] ≡ v[s/x] where the extra premise s ≡ s serves to ensure the term s is defined. Hence to bring step xi) into better conformity with Goodman’s system, we should also include axioms c ≡ c for the new “internalizing constants”. 19 At 44 W. Dean and H. Kurokawa (x) (xi) (xii) T+ + T T+ π(Y (h(y, x)))c ≡ π(Y (h(y, x)))c ≡ ⊥ ≡⊥ Int for some new constant c substituting c for x in vi) (x), (xi), transitivity of ≡ Finally, we observe that it follows that the derivability of ≡ ⊥ from no premises in T + entails that all equations are derivable from no premises in this system.

For by the Diagonal Lemma, let D be a sentence such that (1) T+ D ↔ ¬P( D ). Now since (2) T+ P( D ) → D by RfnP, we have by (1) that (3) T+ ¬P( D ). But again by (1), we then also have (4) T+ D. It thus follows by IntP that (5) T+ P( D ), yielding a contradiction with (3). 16 Weinstein [49] subsequently suggested that the Kreisel-Goodman paradox can be understood as a translation of this result into the language of the Theory of Constructions. Goodman offers two expositions of the paradox—an informal 16 The inconsistency of such a system appears to have first been observed by Myhill [34] in the context of an axiomatic investigation of the notion of informal provability.

12 Nonetheless, Kreisel and Goodman both appear to have viewed the Theory of Constructions as providing an “informally rigorous” analysis of constructive validity. In particular, both present versions of the following result for the systems described in [25, 26], and [17] (wherein T ∗ is the relevant formulation of the Theory of Constructions): (Val) For all formulas A in the language of HPC, exists a term s such that T ∗ Π (A, s) ≡ . e. if A is derivable from what are normally regarded as intuitionistically valid principles of reasoning, then A is indeed “constructively valid” in the sense that there is some construction which witnesses its derivability.

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