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Aha! Activities by Arvind Gupta

By Arvind Gupta

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A curved shape allows air to flow smoothly around it. A flat shape fights air flow and causes more drag or resistance. Streamlining reduces the amount of resistance and increases lift. To produce less resistance, the front of the object should be well rounded and the body should gradually curve back from the mid-section to a tapered rear section. 40 LIGHT THE LAMP WITHIN, TEACHER Inclusion is important. Without inclusion, I will not be able to know that boundaries are meant to be pushed… not be lived in.

Now try to blow out the candle. No matter how hard you huff and puff, the flame doesn’t go out. Instead, it strangely flickers towards the funnel. Many fluids have a tendency to flow along a surface. As you blow the air that is blown into the funnel spreads out and hugs the surface of the funnel. Almost none of the air travels down the centre. This is why the flame is not extinguished. Put a table tennis (ping-pong) ball in a funnel. Tilt your head and try to blow the ball out of the funnel. Blow with a steady pressure, not with short bursts.

2. Cut the middle 4 squares to make a central window. 3. Number the twelve squares as shown. There will be four 1’s, 2’s and 3’s. 4. Now upturn the paper. Number the reverse squares as shown. There will be four 4’s, 5’s and 6’s. 5. Fold the left vertical strip inwards to the right. 6. Fold the top strip inwards towards the bottom. 7. Fold the right vertical strip to the left. 8. Finally fold the bottom strip to the top. The square has three 6’s but one odd number 4. 39 9. We want all the numbers to be the same - namely 6.

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