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Archetypes & Strange Attractors: The Chaotic World of by John R. Van Eenwyk

By John R. Van Eenwyk

Booklet by means of Van Eenwyk, John R.

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Predictability disappears. Whenever predictability disappears, identical dynamics can generate vastly different results. So it is no wonder that minds that run on the same thought eventually end up at loggerheads with one another. This is due to the nature of the psyche, which is basically a dynamic system. Dynamic systems are those that change over time. That we change our minds is hardly surprising. What is surprising is the degree to which chaotic dynamics contribute to such changes. We do not generally realize that the orderly routines of consciousness can be the product of chaotic dynamics.

They learn that some behaviors work better than others. Further on, they learn to articulate their needs and de- Page 33 sires more accurately. If all goes well, this replaces their protest of others' inability to discern their needs. As they come to understand the nature of the world they inhabit (gain better definition of others' abilities or inclinations to meet their needs), they begin to behave like the kind of people to whom the environment responds most positively. By adopting behavior befitting their surroundings, however, their identity changes: it becomes more congruent with other's expectations.

Thus, "the psyche is characterized by differences in potential,"12 which Jung believed are reflected in the activity of the archetypes. These differences in potential keep energy flowing, rather than stuck in some backwater of the mind. ''14 If, for example, I become too invested in material things, the archetypes may create a hunger for something that can feed my soul. " Were there no alternatives to what is, we would simply be borne along on an immutable course. It is 9 "On Psychological Understanding," The Psychogenesis of Mental Disease, CW 3, par.

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