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Assertion: New Philosophical Essays by Jessica Brown, Herman Cappelen

By Jessica Brown, Herman Cappelen

Statement is a primary function of language. This quantity often is the position to seem for a person attracted to present paintings at the subject. Philosophers of language and epistemologists sign up for forces to clarify what sort of speech act statement is, quite in mild of relativist perspectives of fact, and the way statement is ruled by way of epistemic norms.

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As a result, we may try to use the epistemology of testimony to illuminate the notion of assertion or, alternatively, use our best account of assertion to illuminate the epistemology of testimony. Illustrating the first direction, we may try to explain the existence of the practise of assertion with the features it has by appeal to the transmission of knowledge by testimony. ” According to a simple model, that a speaker knows that p is both necessary and, in conducive circumstances, sufficient for a hearer to come to know that p from the speaker's assertion that p.

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The argument combines the knowledge norm for assertion with what he calls “the context sensitivity of assertion”, the claim that the standards for being in a good enough epistemic position to assert a proposition vary with context. For instance, it seems that one would need to be in a stronger epistemic position to assert the claim that smoking causes cancer in a conference of health professionals than in a bar room. DeRose (2002: 147) presents his argument as follows: The knowledge account of assertion provides a powerful argument for contextualism: if the standards for when one is in a position to assert warrantedly that p are the same as those that comprise a truth‐condition for “I know that p,” then if the former vary with context, so do the latter.

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