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Office Automation: Concepts and Tools by A. Lee, F. H. Lochovsky (auth.), Prof. Dr. Dionysios C.

By A. Lee, F. H. Lochovsky (auth.), Prof. Dr. Dionysios C. Tsichritzis (eds.)

The time period "Office Automation" implies a lot and ability little. The note "Office" is generally reserved for devices in a firm that experience a slightly common functionality. they're imagined to help diverse actions, however it is notoriously tough to figure out what an workplace is meant to do. Automation during this unfastened context may possibly suggest many alternative issues. At one severe, it really is not anything greater than giving humans higher instruments than typewriters and phones with which to do their paintings extra successfully and successfully. on the contrary severe, it implies the alternative of individuals by means of machines which practice place of work strategies immediately. during this e-book we are going to take the strategy that "Office Automation" is way greater than simply larger instruments, yet falls considerably wanting changing everyone in an workplace. it may well decrease the necessity for clerks, it may well take over a few secretarial services, and it may possibly reduce the dependence of principals on help group of workers. place of work Automation will switch the place of work setting. it's going to get rid of the extra mundane and good understood services and may spotlight the decision-oriented actions in an place of work. The target of this ebook is to supply a few knowing of place of work . actions and to judge the possibility of place of work info structures for workplace process automation. to accomplish this target, we have to discover techniques, intricate on recommendations, and description tools.

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1. Template Design All users (including the document administrators) by default log into the default environment. To switch to the environment for defining a new document type, the user selects the COPY operation, the document object, and the meta-type category. To define a document template for a document type, the following actions are required: 1. Enter background information. 2. Define document fields. 3. Layout document fields. 4. Specify repeating groups or tables if any. When defining a document type, the user may have to manipulate a number of system-supplied forms at the same time.

II. ~I)c. ' 1 Sf'l. Iij ell Be .. 10,", 'Ofu•• ' . II. II Ir ...... lHll. 11'0pCO S,. t" .. 'I'I" N. J1~ ~]fi 1428 Ivrn,r f .... nt or 183'3 Froud'. n 01"g' ell! Q2121 1U "':iB-I~2e CII'IO. d r~turl'lrn \h. , our Included E ~- __ ~~~~~ ~&~~ -'~"'"11-- -~~a;~~~-~-~- Figure 2b: Layout of View Mode Restrictions on attribute and text values are provided as values and patterns. For each of the attribute and text fields, a field restriction may be defined. Each field restriction is a conjunction of conditions.

For example, if a document is allowed to be accessed only by managers, any users other than a manager will not be permitted to access it. The post-conditions of a document must be satisfied before the document can be filed away. For example, all required fields are filled. Two sets of actions can be attached to each pre-condition and post-condition. One set of actions is performed if the associated conditions are satisfied. Otherwise, the other set of actions is performed. A useful action is to print messages to the user.

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