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Vascular Endothelium: Responses to Injury by Scott K. Pruitt M.D., Ph.D., William M. Baldwin III M.D.,

By Scott K. Pruitt M.D., Ph.D., William M. Baldwin III M.D., Ph.D. (auth.), John D. Catravas, Allan D. Callow, Una S. Ryan (eds.)

Transplantation and Tissue Damage: Soluble supplement Receptor and Hyperacute Rejection; S.K. Pruitt, et al. Early Detection of Lung Endothelial disorder in guy; J.D. Catravas, et al. Interactions of Superoxide Dismutases with Nitric Oxide; B. Day, et al.Restenosis: medical Profile of Restenosi; A.D. Callow. function of Thrombin and Plasminogen Activators, crucial Proteases of the Coagulation and Fibrinolysis Cascades in Fibrin Homeostasis and Vascular mobilephone Activation; V.W.M. van Hinsbergh. supplement and Mechanisms of Restenosis; G.B. Zavoico, U.S. Ryan. Genetic elements Contributing to heart problems that can impact Endothelial constitution and serve as: The position of Proteins all in favour of Lipoprotein delivery; V.I.Zannis, et al.Inflammation: Acute Inflammatory Lung damage: Mechanisms and Interventions; P.A. Ward, et al. Cytokine Activation of Endothelium: Cloning and Characterization of a brand new IL1 Inducible Gene; M. Introna, et al. Proinflammatory Adhesins; D.O. Haskard.Angiogenesis/Vasculogenesis: Angiogenesis: an summary of legislation and capability medical program; M.E. Maragoudakis. Molecular association of Endothelial cellphone to mobilephone Junctions; E. Dejana, J.L.Plantier.Pulmonary Hypertension: The mobile foundation of the Pathophysiology and remedy of Pulmonary high blood pressure; S. Rich. Inhaled Nitric Oxide in Acute breathing Failure; J.J. Rouby. Tissue Angiotensin changing Enzyme; S. Oparil, et al. Index.

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Vascular penneability factor speeds endothelial repaving following arterial injury. Surg. Forum XLIII 358-360. S. , 1992, The synergistic effects of hypercholesterolemia and mechanical injury on intimal hyperplasia. Ann. Vasc. Surg. 6:55-62. Stoney, RJ. , 1976, RecWTent carotid stenosis. Surgery 80:705. , Fujimoto, T. and Tsukada, T. The early phenomena of restenosis following percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty. European Heart J. 12:937-945. L. E. , 1982, Carotid artery stenosis following endarterectomy.

Thrombin, the eventual product of the activated coagulation system, not only initiates fibrin formation and platelet activation, but also acts as a paracrine hormone at the vessel wall. On the endothelium, it interacts with two receptors and thereby enhances anticoagulant properties of the endothelium. The first receptor, thrombomodulin, catalyzes thrombin-dependent activation of protein C; upon thrombin binding, the other receptor activates the endothelial cell, by which acute release of t-PA and production of prostacyclin and NO is induced, and the cell is activated to synthesize new proteins.

47:412426. A. , 1979, Inhibition of collagen gelation by action of the superoxide radical. Arthritis Rheum. 22:251-359. MJ. , 1986, Superoxide anion is involved in the breakdown of endothelium-derived relaxing factors. Nature 320:454-456. , ChwnJey, P. , submitted 1993, Pulmonary alveolar epithelial inducible nitric oxide synthase gene expression: regulation by inflammatory mediators. Halliwell, B. , 1990, The antioxidants of human extracellular fluids. Arch. Biochem. 28O:1-8. Huie, RE. , 1993, The reaction of NO with superoxide.

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